thank you volunteers


Occasional Volunteers

  • Recruiters
  • Guest Speakers
  • PTO/PTA Events
  • Book Fair Check-Out
  • College Representatives
  • Temporary Clerical Help
  • Day Field Trip Chaperones
  • American Education Week Readers

Routine Volunteer

  • Mentors
  • Club Sponsors
  • Classroom Helpers
  • Copy Room Assistants
  • Subject Area/ESL Tutors
  • Office & Library Assistants
  • College Student Volunteer Hours
  • Overnight Field Trip Chaperones

In order to volunteer in a West Aurora School, the following procedures must be in order:

  • Contact the school office to express an interest in volunteering, and to confirm the details of your event.
  • Upon arrival to the volunteer event, present your driver's license to the receptionist at the front desk.
  • Your license will be put through the Raptor System for clearance.


Register to Volunteer