Welcome to the West Aurora Transportation Department webpage.  The role of the Transportation Department is to transport students safely and efficiently to and from school buildings and on field trips.  The safety of our students is always a top priority while riding the bus. We hope that your child will have a successful and enjoyable bus transportation experience.

General Policy

The major purpose of School District 129 Transportation Department is to get pupils who live an unreasonable walking distance from school, to school and back in an efficient, safe, and economical manner. Other purposes include providing transportation for field trips in direct support of the curricular and the co-curricular program.

The District’s bus policy generally covers three areas of concern:

  • Rules that children must observe and follow while riding the bus; (See Bus Conduct Expectancy)
  • Rules concerning the bus driver and the proper way to handle discipline cases; (See Bus Conduct Expectancy)
  • School procedures in disciplinary matters (School Conduct Manual)

    Vehicles used by the district will meet all federal and state safety standards. Also, any bus drivers hired by the district will meet all required federal and state standards for licensing.

    In establishing or revising the routes, the pickup, and discharge points will be as safe and convenient for students as possible. District bus schedules will be distributed to parents and students prior to the beginning of each school year.

    The district will provide free transportation for all district students who reside: (1) a distance of one and ½ miles or more from their assigned schools, or (2) within one and ½ miles of the assigned schools, but for whom walking would constitute a serious hazard due to vehicular traffic as determined by I.D.O.T. standards and for whom adequate public transportation is not available. If a student is to be picked up at a location within the district other than his or her residence – due to permanent, daily child care arrangements – that location may be considered when determining the one and ½ miles from the school attended. Also, free transportation services and vehicles for special education students will be provided if included in the student’s individualized educational programs or as otherwise required by law. All special education students will be transported in accordance with current I.S.B.E. rules and regulations, as well as the School Code of Illinois.

    LEGAL REF.: Illinois School Code , Sec. 10-22.22 and 29-1, et seq.(105 ILCS 5/10-22.22 and 5/29-1 et seq.); Illinois Driver Vehicle Code, Sec. 6-106.1 and 13-109 (625 ILCS 5/6-106.1 and 13-109.) ; 23 Ill. Admin. Code S226.935.
    CROSS REF.: 465.07




The School District has installed video surveillance equipment in school buses as part of a multi-faceted approach to promote the safety and security of students, staff, and visitors while at work or participating in school functions, and to help protect school property. The digital video cameras allow for both visual and audio recordings to be made on the interior of the school bus. All recordings are held confidential and can only be used by school officials and law enforcement. Bus drivers already have seen a significant change in the behavior of the students. In addition, the cameras allow the drivers to focus more on driving rather than having to look up in the rear view mirror frequently to see what occurrence is happening behind them.

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Brandy Kackert

Director of Transportation

Derrick Newson

Transportation Manager