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Welcome to West Aurora School District 129!

West Aurora is proud to serve over 12,500 students spread across 16 schools! Our community encompasses Aurora, Batavia, Montgomery, North Aurora, and Sugar Grove area. We are happy to assist you regarding the enrollment process for your new or returning student. The following links will provide you with all the information and forms you need to know.

Kindergarten registration

Kindergarten registration will open March 2020

Fees for 2019-2020

Registration Fees for 2019 - 2020

(subject to change)

Kindergarten          $100

Grades 1-3             $ 100

Grades 4-5             $ 100

Grades 6-8             $ 150

Grades 9-12           $ 200

Pay your fees:

Pay Fees with RevTrak

Fee waiver applications for 2019-2020 school year will be accepted starting October 1, 2019 thru April 30, 2020 by 3pm.

Las solicitudes para el año escolar 2019-2020 serán aceptadas a partir del 1 de octubre del 2019 hasta el 30 de Abril del 2020 hasta a las 3pm

Applications received before October 1st will be returned

2019-2020 Fee Waiver

Las solicitudes recibidas antes del 1st de Octubre del 2019 serán regresadas

Solicitud de exención de pago para el año escolar 2019 – 2020

Free & Reduced Lunch Application


Only students attending West Aurora High School, Fearn Elementary School, and Goodwin Elementary School are required to complete a free or reduced lunch application.  Students in these buildings may qualify for free or reduced meals depending on their family income and/or family size. When applying for a student in one of these buildings, please remember to include ALL children in the household regardless of whether or not siblings may attend a CEP school, as qualification is based on total family size.

Students in all other buildings are covered by the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) and are eligible for a free breakfast and lunch daily.  Students covered by CEP are responsible for the cost of a la carte items and any extra meals or milk.  

Eligibility Guidelines

If your student attends West Aurora High School, Fearn or Goodwin Elementary School, and you would like to apply for free or reduced-price meals, follow the link below:

You can also print out the applications here:

Lunch Application

Aplicación de almuerzo 2019-2020


If you have SNAP/TANF benefits, you will need to know your complete case number in order to fill out an application

For questions or concerns regarding lunch applications please contact

Laura Puente

Office Professional, Admissions

Lunch Program


OrganicLifeⓇ delivers healthy and delicious school meals based on the USDA’s nutrition guidelines so that students are engaged and ready to learn in school. All meals include a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable choices, and a variety of chilled non-fat or low-fat milk.

Introduction Letter

All SD129 breakfast and lunch menus are now available online

School Breakfast and Lunch Prices
Our goal is to provide excellent nutrition for your child at prices you can afford. The table below shows prices:

  Breakfast Lunch
Elementary $1.40 $2.50

Middle School

$1.40 $2.65
High School $1.40 $2.75
Reduced Price $.30 $.40




West Aurora Schools have implemented a computerized debit system that will replace the traditional cash registers in the cafeteria lunch lines. Students will still be able to pay cash on a daily basis as they have in the past.

To use the service, you must first enroll at the website. A valid email address is required, as you will receive payment confirmations via email. The school receives a list of credit card payments made on the MySchoolBucks website each morning. You then can go to your MySchoolBucks account and view your student's current balance. There is no additional charge to your credit card for this service; this is a FREE service to the parents of our school district. 


A cash debit account is created by making a payment of a specific dollar amount ($5.00, $10.00, $20.00, etc...) to the cafeteria. These funds are then deposited into your student's debit account and are available to your child when purchasing meals at the elementary, middle and high schools as well as a la carte foods that are available at the middle and high schools. There are no limitations as to what may be purchased or how many purchases can be made. The account balance simply decreases as purchases take place. 


The Hunger Free Kids Act requires school districts to allow students to charge meals up to $500 annually.  If your child attends West Aurora High School, Fearn or Goodwin Elementary and you prefer your child not be allowed to accumulate a balance that high, please complete the “opt-out” form below and return it to your student's school.  This opt-out is not necessary if your child attends a Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) school.

By opting out of the 'Hunger Free Kids Act' your student will only be allowed to charge up to $15 on their food service account.

Students in all buildings are not allowed to charge a la carte items, additional milk or second meals.  Students must pay cash or have a balance on their MySchoolBucks account to purchase those items.  

For questions or concerns regarding lunch applications please contact

Dina Voice

Office Professional, Finance

Health Requirements

Physical examination and immunizations are required for school entrance in specific grades according to Illinois Code. All documentation should be submitted to your school nurse as soon as possible.

Physical Examination Requirements

The Illinois School code requires the following students to submit evidence of a physical exam and complete record of immunizations: Pre-K, Kindergarten, 6th grade, 9th grade, and students transferring from an out-of-state school into Illinois for the first time.

  • Returning Students must submit the physical examination and immunization requirements before October 15th in order to avoid exclusion.

  • Students registering on/after September 15th are provided a 30 day window in which to turn in the required documentation.

  • Appointment dates for obtaining a physical exam do not meet the school requirement.

  • Physical examinations must be dated after August 1st of the prior school year. All portions of the exam must be completed, included parent signature, in order for the physical to be valid.


Immunization Requirement Details
Records must show proof of immunization against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), measles, mumps, rubella, polio and varicella (chicken pox).

  • Early childhood students are also required to have the haemophilus influenza and pneumococcal vaccine.

  • Early childhood and sixth grade through high school students are also required to have the hepatitis B vaccine.
  • Sixth grade thru Twelfth grade are also required to have the Tdap vaccine.
  • Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grades are also required to have the meningococcal vaccine.

Dental Examination Requirements
Students in kindergarten, second and sixth grades must submit evidence of a dental examination by May 15th of that school year. Dental exams must be completed within 18 months prior to the May 15th date.

Vision Examination Requirements
Students entering Illinois Schools for the first time (kindergarten or transfer) must submit evidence of a vision exam. Students who have been referred for a vision exam are expected to submit proof of vision exam also.

Other Serious Medical Conditions
Contact your school nurse immediately if you have questions or if your child has a medical condition that will impact their school day. Additional information may be needed to ensure your child’s comfort, safety and well-being at school.

Medication Authorization Forms
Please see medication forms for details regarding District 129’s Medication Policy. Mediation Authorization forms must be renewed every school year.

Medical Forms

School Supply List

Marti Neahring

Marti Neahring

Director, Student Services
Sonya Leto

Sonya Leto

Student Information System Specialist, Admissions
Brenda Gonzalez

Brenda Gonzalez

Office Professional, Admissions
Laura Puente

Laura Puente

Office Professional, Admissions

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If you have questions regarding registration in West Aurora, please email: